My Career

I’ve spent most of my career representing pro athletes in their disability claims and assisting with their transition into life after football. Most people are not aware of all the challenges involved after an athlete leaves the game. It’s not just the debilitating injuries. It’s not just the effects of these injuries on their ability to support their families. It’s the end of a way of thinking these men have grown accustomed to since they were young. How do you tell someone it’s okay to be human and ask for help when they are used to hearing the exact opposite? It’s not an easy task. I’m thankful my clients trust in me to discuss their personal struggles with their health, finances, homes and families. As a lawyer my goal is to help players take advantage of all the benefits they are entitled to so that they are in the best position to succeed. 

I am a member of the California and Florida State Bar Associations as well as the California Bureau of Real Estate. I manage my own law practice and consult for start-ups and non-profit organizations. 

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