If you’ve found your way to my site, you likely share my passion for football and my desire to raise awareness about “life after football”. Football is a huge part of my life and not because I grew up watching games every Sunday. I became immersed in the culture during my college years when I became an NFL cheerleader and met my husband who was in his second year in the league. (Coincidental, of course!) Football became the topic morning, noon and night. There were no days off. As a young girlfriend and wife, I remember just trying to keep up with the program and keep things positive. I quickly learned the reality of injuries and the culture of “one day you’re in, and next day you’re out”.

I could have easily drifted off into a fantasy and lived in the moment as my husband enjoyed a long successful career. However, I chose to focus on my education and my own career because nothing in life is guaranteed, not football…not a relationship. There’s nothing more empowering than being independent. It’s something my parents and mentors instilled in me when I was young and it definitely stuck. I hope that by sharing my experiences and knowledge I’ve picked up along the way, I can help other women and families navigate some of life’s obstacles, whether there is a professional athlete in the family or not. We’ve all got a lot on our plate, a lot to live up to, and are making the best decisions we can. I’m an extremely optimistic person; however, have always believed in being prepared for what might be around the corner. I make sure I have a plan and a back-up plan. It has definitely paid off for me in our world of no guarantees.