I think I'm like most women who try to be perfect all the time...perfect wife, mother, career woman, friend and human being. It can be tough living up to your own expectations let alone what others may expect of you. I'm so thankful to my husband who has been by my side for over 20 years. He's always encouraged me to follow my dreams while he pursued his, even if it was challenging at times. We compliment one another as he's an Aries Rooster and I'm a Libran Ox.

If you're familiar with Chinese and Western astrology, you know what I mean. If not, it's pretty interesting...look up your sign when you have a chance. We have completely different personalities yet somehow we make the perfect balance...the Ying and the Yang. I like to think things through, sometimes too much, and he knows what he wants and just goes for it. As a lawyer it's difficult to break the habit, but I'll admit my days are best when I trust my instincts and stick with it. Definitely less stress, better outcomes, and no regrets! The only pressure is to be true to myself. I look forward to sharing more of my experiences with you. Don't forget to check out my blog and thanks for visiting!